CHRISTEENE photographed in New York City by Alexander Thompson for Reserved magazine.





“CHRISTEENE is drivin tha car now haaaaay . . . “

Thus spake Paul Soileau as he metamorphosizes into CHRISTEENE, his long-standing alter ego. The performance artist has been inhabiting this “feral beast” for more than a decade. When CHRISTEENE appears, the temperature in the room changes and audiences are transported into her world, a celebration of grimy filth and stank where inhibitions melt away. For those in the know, CHRISTEENE is one of the most exciting performers working in the art and music scenes today, with the likes of Rick Owens and Peaches counting her as a favorite and a legion of new fans rising out of the younger generations. Her new record Midnite Fukk Train was made with Brooklyn noise veteran Ben Greenberg, and received critical acclaim for its aggressively political and sexualized lyrics, as well as its stunning musical tableau of glam rock-meets-saxophone-laden freakout, with operatic drama and soulful histrionics thrown into the mix. She is the latest signee to the ground-breaking label/management company House of Feelings, and is getting ready to embark on tour with the similarly-minded Fever Ray in May. It would not be quite accurate to say that 2023 is shaping up to be her year, as she exists a world apart from any standard measurement of “famous” or “influential.” And yet, as anyone on the outside looking in can see, CHRISTEENE is rising up from the muck and bringing it with her.

CHRISTEENE sat down with Jack James Busa, lead singer of UNI and the Urchins, to talk about her roots in Austin and how she navigates the cruel realities of today to make lasting, affecting art. 


CHRISTEENE photographed for Reserved by Alexander Thompson. Hair & makeup, mesh top & jewelry by CHRISTEENE.

CHRISTEENE:  I’m one of those freaks who schedules meetings at like 3:02 because there’s a church across the street from where I’m stayin’ and the bells go off and Jesus interrupts everything. 

JACK JAMES BUSA:  Jesus interrupts a whole lot in my personal experience. 

CHRISTEENE:  Everything, always. I was lookin’ all y’all’s business up and I saw you were here [New York City] too, which is crazy because I have not seen a show of yours yet.

JACK JAMES BUSA:  Well we [UNI and the Urchins] haven’t done any. We did one at House of Yes a few weeks ago, but we stopped touring before the whole Covid thing.

CHRISTEENE:  Oh me too.

JACK JAMES BUSA:  And then I just realized I’m not carrying much equipment upstairs anymore. 


Leather shorts & jewelry by CHRISTEENE. Suspenders by CARDIAC TWIN.

CHRISTEENE:  You don’t have equipment upstairs?

JACK JAMES BUSA:  No I’m so sick of carrying it up and down stairs that we’ve stopped a whole lot of shows because I’m like “ohhh my back hurts.”

CHRISTEENE:  I thought you meant how smart you were.

JACK JAMES BUSA:  Oh no, I’m an idiot. (Both laugh)

CHRISTEENE:  I thought you were sayin’ you don’t carry a lot of equipment upstairs, like your intelligence. I was like finally someone I can relate to. I was excited!

JACK JAMES BUSA:  How was the [Reserved mag] shoot by the way?

CHRISTEENE:  It was really fun. I didn’t mean to be a door closer on you being there, but I like to kind of get down with photographers. It’s always a strange thing. And I’m quick about it. I like to jump in fast and then figure it out slowly. It was really a wonderful shoot and I was really really happy. There are certain shoots that happen that really go to a place that you had no expectation of it goin’.

I think we really captured some images that I was personally very satisfied with and so was Alexander [Thompson]. And Alexander’s been around a long time and the apartment was full of photos of many friends of mine from the olden days, so that was really fun to see a lot of people on the walls and in polaroids. So I knew that I was kind of somewhat in a family, establishment I dunno. There’s a lot of assholes in everyone’s families so you don’t know what kind of family . . . 

JACK JAMES BUSA:  Family nonetheless!


Illustrated Dress by John Lee Bird. Jewelry by CHRISTEENE. Boots by RICK OWENS.

CHRISTEENE: Yes family nonetheless, I knew I had a seat at the table, so I took it. 

JACK JAMES BUSA:  He [Alexander Thompson] has a quality about him. I’ve shot with him before and you do feel a kinship, and he understands people like us. 

CHRISTEENE:  He’s really patient, and he’s like you may use these, but I can tell if you’ve used this shit before I’ve touched it, and I was like “I like that.” So I’m kind of curious and interested to see what his touch is. 

JACK JAMES BUSA:  Well we’re all interested in Alexander’s touch for sure.

CHRISTEENE:  I’ll take any touch these days. Please bring the touches. 

JACK JAMES BUSA:  I’m so excited to get to talk to you. I’ve been a fan for a long time but I heard of you first, when I was growing up in Austin. How long did you live there?

CHRISTEENE: Thirteen years! 



Briefs & jewelry by CHRISTEENE. Boots by Rick Owens.

CHRISTEENE:  That’s where I started thinkin’, and that’s where I came into existence. I’m only fourteen years old. Thirteen-ish. I’m just entering my adolescence. 

JACK JAMES BUSA:  Yes you don’t look a day over twelve!

CHRISTEENE:  Thank you! Austin is kinda where I came out of the dirt or whatever the fuck. Very great, formative years there, but after thirteen years, it was time to go. 

JACK JAMES BUSA:  That’s kind of how I felt too. 

CHRISTEENE:  Were you born in Austin?

JACK JAMES BUSA:  Yeah I was born and raised in Austin, and then I stayed through high school and then I was like, “see ya later.” But, there is something about it and I know for me obviously it was formative because that’s where I was formed. But what about that city brought you up from the dirt as you say? Or brought this persona or however you want to classify it?


T-shirt, mesh top, jewelry & boots by CHRISTEENE.

CHRISTEENE:  I mean, I like to call Austin the Mordor of Texas. It’s a very strange place. It is very liberal I guess, to a degree, and there are lots of hippies. The community that I came into was very mixed. I have very close friends. My very dear wifey of mine Silky Shoemaker always was functioning the city, creating gatherings for everybody in the family like the fags, the dykes, the trans fam, the creatures without a name fam, all congregating in one place, like in the backyard at Bouldin Creek. Things like that. And I was like, what is this strange place where the people within my family are not segregated into their own bars and such?

Being in that wretched state, being in this cool bubble in a very hot lava dangerous state. I just think you can’t help but create some very vivid, fucked up shit if you really tap into that kind of environment. There’s the underground springs, the water’s clear for some reason. I don’t know how it’s possible, it’s just a very strange place. But, at that time, it was very welcoming and it was very strange. Not so much anymore.

JACK JAMES BUSA:  It’s very different now. 

CHRISTEENE:  Yeah I mean it’s just like, cities are cities, and they change, some of them change better, some change bad, and some just get greedy. And that one kinda got greedy. 

JACK JAMES BUSA:  Oh definitely! You’re right, everything changes, and I hear people say “Oh the old New York” or “the old old New York,” and I’m like “Fuck it, everything’s going to change” . . .

CHRISTEENE:  Yeah, I wouldn’t live in New York if it didn’t fucking change all the time. There’s better ways to change, there’s like healthy ways, there’s ways in which to preserve culture and preserve neighborhoods and not fuck with neighborhoods where you don’t belong and shit like that. A city like Austin or New York has so many artists and creatives within it, it will always change. Olden days? I’m like “what the fuck do you want the city to do?” Things die and then come back. I mean I love history, tell me all your stories about old New York, but don’t beat me over the head with the fact that it doesn’t exist anymore. You’re just screwin’ a dead horse right there. 

JACK JAMES BUSA:  Andy Warhol is dead, I’m very sorry. 


Mesh top, T-shirt, jewelry & boots by CHRISTEENE.

CHRISTEENE:  He is dead, but there are a sure lot of people walkin’ around with big white hair so . . .

JACK JAMES BUSA:  Myself included. But you’re not from Austin, where are you from? 

CHRISTEENE:  I was just born in Austin, that’s all I have to say about myself. 

JACK JAMES BUSA:  Alright, I got you. 

CHRISTEENE:  Thirteen years ago I came outta Austin and poof here I am. I don’t know how, I just navigate. Something brought me here. I’m here, I love it, it’s great. And I just follow my gut, whatever my fuckin’ gut tells me what to do. 

JACK JAMES BUSA:  You’re very very funny, and I’ve followed you for a while, and the imagery is obviously so striking but you’re so funny and so kind. I guess what I’m asking is, how do you find people react to you?


Mesh top, leather shorts & jewelry by CHRISTEENE. Suspenders by CARDIAC TWIN. Boots by RICK OWENS.

CHRISTEENE:  Well I mean, look I like to talk about some serious fuckin’ shit onstage. I like to bring in creative narrative and fantastical narrative, metaphorical crap. It’s all about this world and this shit we’re going through, and you’re never gonna get people to even engage if there’s no humor involved in that shit. If a stinky fuckin’ baby doesn’t want to eat their fuckin vegetables, what does their fucking stupid parent for having a baby do? They make it into a little airplane and they go “naaaaaa” and then the baby’s like “ahhhhh I’ll fuckin eat anything!”

And so, you have to think about everyone’s brain is so super-saturated with so much shit. It’s in my opinion much better to think in a different way to discuss very important things, but also fuckin be able to fuckin laugh at the same time and find some kind of humor between us. I like to make people laugh. I’m an old show hog. I’m an old old tambourine. If I hear one giggle I’ll start shakin’ shakin’ shakin’, so I am a slut for laughter. It’s a challenge, but it’s also a beautiful way to make people deal with some serious shit. And I enjoy that and I enjoy being kind to people who deserve kindness. And I’m always gonna give you a fuckin’ chance. And ya know, if you wanna fuckin’ burn that bridge, I’ll walk away quickly and just never look back. 

JACK JAMES BUSA:  I love that philosophy. Where does that come from for you?

CHRISTEENE:  Well, I think a lot of people who maybe obtain some sort of a platform upon which to speak or to share, that is maybe of a larger size, or someone who has interests in social media realms that catapult them to maybe a larger speaking platform. I think the worst thing that can ever happen is people in those positions either become inaccessible or they just lose touch with reality. Like look at Barbara Streisand. She doesn’t know, she doesn’t understand what the fuck we do. But you totally know that that woman’s world and understanding of the world is very different from a human being’s and no one can relate to that shit or get close to it.

I think that it’s really important to stay close, just to be attainable, and to walk out into the room before your show, and to walk out into the room after your show, and not be a backstage diva. So, I dunno, I’m inspired by the accessibility of self. It can be very dangerous, you can put yourself in some fuckin weird situations sometimes, but you learn from that shit. It’s not like it’s always gonna be sweet and happy. So if you’re gonna do this type of crap, you might as well get ready for some rough shit too. 

JACK JAMES BUSA:  I feel you. I’m in a very Barbara Streisand . . . 


Mesh top & jewelry by CHRISTEENE.

CHRISTEENE:  I think you’re very much sporting a Barbara Streisand “One Voice” look…when she did that concert in her backyard called “One Voice”. She had a white turtleneck kinda drip thing goin’ on and you are very much doing that. I applaud. I applaud.

JACK JAMES BUSA:  She went on the Oprah Winfrey show . . . 

CHRISTEENE: And painted the mic!

JACK JAMES BUSA:  I love it.

CHRISTEENE:  She’s crazy!

JACK JAMES BUSA:  I fucking love that.

CHRISTEENE:  She’s about to release her thousand-five hundred-page autobiography and I saw some captions, speaking of humor, that said “Gay man postpones his own suicide to read Barbara Steisand’s one thousand-five hundred-page book.” I thought that is pretty much it right there. 

JACK JAMES BUSA:  Do you know what it’s called?

CHRISTEENE:  I think it’s “My Name is Barbara.” It’s just that, it’s just a picture of her fuckin’ face. She doesn’t even have a title. 

JACK JAMES BUSA:  You should write a book! When’s yours coming out?

CHRISTEENE photographed in New York City by Alexander Thompson for Reserved magazine. Spread 4.

vintage fake fur coat – Patricia Field. Gloves, briefs & boots by CHRISTEENE.

CHRISTEENE:  I’ve been entertaining an idea for fucking years, and seriously my friends are sick of hearing about it. I want to make children’s audiobooks. I wanted to do very nice children’s audiobooks, as nice as I can be to teach very valuable lessons to kids from my point of view in the very fucked up world we live in. And I want to narrate them. 

JACK JAMES BUSA:  Of course, and there should be a little animation of you in it and you can buy a little CHRISTEENE doll! I see big things. 

CHRISTEENE:  I just wanna draw. I’m not sellin’ dolls. The only doll I have is, my friend Kook – this crazy witch, she lives in New Orleans now, and she built a doll for me. But it’s like the devil doll. It’s got like an acorn from a tree inside of its butt and it’s got like spells in it. It’s weird, it’s somewhere in there. 

JACK JAMES BUSA:  I wanna play a little game with you if that’s alright. 

CHRISTEENE photographed in New York City by Alexander Thompson for Reserved magazine. Look 3.

CHRISTEENE:  Oh yeah oh sure. 

JACK JAMES BUSA:  It’s not too complicated. Have you ever seen the show “Inside the Actor’s Studio?” So he asks these ten questions at the end. 

CHRISTEENE:  Okay so this is the James Lipton Actor’s Studio Ten Questions?

JACK JAMES BUSA:  Yea I’m ripping him off. What is your favorite word?

CHRISTEENE:  Poubelle. That means trash can in French. 

JACK JAMES BUSA:  What’s your least favorite word?

CHRISTEENE:  Manifest. Hate it. 

JACK JAMES BUSA:  What turns you on creatively, spiritually, or emotionally?

CHRISTEENE:  Survival. 

JACK JAMES BUSA:  Survival. Why survival?


gloves by RICK OWENS. T shirt by BAS KOSTERS. Briefs & jewelry by CHRISTEENE.

CHRISTEENE:  Don’t ask me a double question! James Lipton never did that!

JACK JAMES BUSA:  Well James Lipton’s dead!

CHRISTEENE:  Survival’s really fascinating to me. I think all humans and animals, everything’s got its own makeup, it’s own chemical structure, genetic structure, whatever the fuck, its own rock from the big bang, and survival is a very personal thing. It’s a very instinctual, personal thing, and I like to witness, as well as explore my own, ability to survive. I’m very fascinated when shit gets really wild, how people survive, what they do in that act of survival. Who’s with them, who do they take, what do they do? And when times are hard, when the world gets fucked, how do you survive, when we’re all living in a shitty apartment for three years. How do you survive? I’m always excited and inspired when people get through extreme hardship and survive.

JACK JAMES BUSA:  There is something about tenacity, like if you’re watching a movie or something and they go through the whole journey and they survive and tenacity is what brings things out, a little tear from your eye. Next question is what turns you off?

CHRISTEENE:  Arrogance. Hate it. It’s rude. 

JACK JAMES BUSA:  What’s your favorite curse word?


Briefs by CHRISTEENE. Boots by RICK OWENS.

CHRISTEENE:  Fuck. I love fuck. Fuckin’ this, fuckin’ that, fuck. And it’s universal, fuck is fuck. 

JACK JAMES BUSA:  What sound or noise do you love?

CHRISTEENE:  Purring. 

JACK JAMES BUSA:  What sound or noise do you hate?

CHRISTEENE:  A very loud noise, unexpected noise, like a loud scream, a loud crash, anything that’s unexpectedly loud. Like when you’re sound-checking and it goes “BUHHHHHHHH” if somebody fucks up or pulls a cord out. Any unexpected loud noise. It’s like a piece of my fuckin soul falls off. It’s like a piece of your brain falls out if you do poppers. A piece of my soul falls off when I hear a very abrupt loud noise. 

JACK JAMES BUSA:  What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Although you’re really primed for this!

CHRISTEENE:  Some sort of animal care. Work on a horse ranch for poor horses or go work with some poor animals.

JACK JAMES BUSA: You’re not gonna say, venture capitalist? What would you absolutely not wanna do?


Mesh top, jewelry & briefs by CHRISTEENE.

CHRISTEENE:  I would not want to fly a plane. I wouldn’t want to be a pilot. I don’t understand the pilot thing. You’re in this tube, and it’s full but you’re in the very front in this tiny little room with tiny little windows with this whole thing behind. And the responsibility of that . . . 

JACK JAMES BUSA:  A little tin can. 

CHRISTEENE:  Sooner or later I’d lose my mind, so fuck that shit. 

JACK JAMES BUSA:  The last question. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

CHRISTEENE: First of all, fuck God. And I don’t believe in pearly gates, so I guess I would like “God” to say . . . “These gates were once the gates belonging to the famous actress Faye Dunaway in her Hollywood estate. You may now open them and enjoy whatever’s behind them.”



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UNI and The Urchins "The ROCKUMENTARY" Sex offenders, glitter bombers, art heisters, carpet munchers, bedwetters, eardrum destroyers, cat burglars, and Nomi impersonators…UNI and The Urchins were not always the illustrious outlaws they are today. Watch this definitive documentary on their humble beginnings and even humbler explanations for what makes them
Puppets and Puppets founder and creative director Carly Mark often finds herself drawing inspiration from film. Her Fall Winter 2023 collection was inspired by director David Cronenberg’s Dead Ringers; a film that follows twin doctors, played by Jeremy Irons, and their descent toward madness. Mark explored the intersection between the
CELINE AT LE PALACE THE CELINE 18 – MEN’S WINTER 2023 A place dear to Hedi Slimane that he frequented most nights during his youth starting from the age of 16 - Le Palace remains a sentimental place which triggered his future as a couturier and where he celebrated his
  What made you think about making your own t shirts? It was really a spur of the moment kinda thing. A friend mentioned he wanted to screen print some things, so we did some research on where to get screens made. It was something I hadn’t done since I
NYC punk band TITS DICK ASS photographed by Alexander Thompson for Reserved magazine.
TITS DICK ASS "GF FROM HELL" They say that after a national disaster, New York comes back into fashion. With masks gradually coming off and nightlife limping back into existence, there are whispers that it is happening again. All the pent-up energy percolating from the months of lockdown and the
At a recent press event held at The Thomas Mann House, discussions of the latest edition of Los Angeles's Frieze Art Fair was presented in detail. Moving from Beverly Hills, this year's campus at the Santa Monica Airport offers up an expansive space to feature the various galleries and culture
The KIDILL FW 2023-24 collection shown during Paris Fashion Week. Look 38. Reserved magazine.
The feelings that overflow from an individual, pure and unclouded, are like the “water” that fills a depleted vessel. Hiroaki Sueyasu, ruminating on his fundamental mindset toward creation, strongly reconnects with his “core,” which he assures eternal, through the Fall-Winter 2023 collection. Sueyasu being devoted to the masterpieces and countless
We Need New Eyes to See the Future || WALTER VAN BEIRENDONCK AW 2023
The Horror Show! A Twisted Tale of Modern Britain, exhibition invites us to sift through the gory entrails of the last five debauch decades of British razor edge cultural movements, Duo Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, with Claire Catterall, have curated a slasher movie of an exhibition, and certainly cut up the
Nafessa Williams has a higher purpose whether in performance or in real life, it seems that the actress and mental health advocate is opening dialogs where ever she goes. Starring as Thunder in Black Lightning which ran for 4 seasons on the CW, a long line of Stans has risen in
We be body moving, but in who's skin are we in? Photographer Yuji Watanabe and Stylist Yoko Irie disrupt and explore the human body to discover the Chaos in flesh and form in iconic looks from Issey Miyake, Noir Kei Ninomiya, Kidill, Anrealage, and more for Reserved Magazine's Issue 7,
Dion Lee x The Webster celebrated the launch of the latest resort companion collection at the Webster’s LA location.   Expanding the dialog of his fluid and deconstructed knits the collection took on a feisty color pallet which well reflected the union of the Australian by way of NYC brand
Breanna Bunevacz wears Magnlens Hapa beauty Breanna Bunevacz is a model, singer, digital creator, reality star and national ranked junior equitation/jumper competitive equestrian rider in the prestigious ASPCA Maclay Medal Nationals. She’s known for the reality show ‘Making the Model with Yolanda Hadid’ during which she was featured in a shoot
Pedro Correa wears shirt by SAINT LAURENT. The last few years of pandemic productivity has been one of immense output for filmmaker Pedro Correa. He has been promoting the film My Dead Dad which he wrote, starred, and produced in, dropping on HBOMax in the past spring of 2022, the
Starcrawler digital cover - Reserved magazine. Photography by Alexander Thompson.
STARCRAWLER! ON FIRE Starcrawler emerged in 2015 when high schoolers Arrow de Wilde & Henri Cash met. They immediately clicked and started making music. Now their band tours globally. While building their own following, they’ve opened for icons like Jack White & the Foo Fighters. Iggy Pop is also a
Currently on view at MOCA is Henry Taylor: B Side. It is the first exhibition to feature an extensive survey of the LA based artist spanning over 150 works including paintings, drawings, sculpture, and installations made from the late-1980s to the present. Taylors work has long held the vantage point
Gisele wears Walter Baker Gold jacket and Sanctuary shirt. Cierra and mom wears Amer_ican t-shirt. Gisele Fetterman Reflects on a Decade Since Launching a Nationally Recognized Free Store in Her Tiny Pennsylvania Town John Fetterman has been a driving force towards socioeconomic change, serving more than a decade as mayor of
Jacquemus bra and Supriya Lele pants.   Fresh face Gabriela Quezada, is one of the lead role’s on CW’s Walker Independence, an origin story for their hit show Walker, set in the brash Wild West of the 1800’s. Quezada plays Lucia Montero, in a situation-ship with Hoyt Rawlins (Matt Barr),
In an exciting moment for the intersection of NYC’s art and fashion worlds, as of October 14th Louis Vuitton’s “200 Trunks, 200 Visionaries” show has finally landed in Manhattan after a worldwide meander since August of 2021. Having been launched first in Asnières at the Louis Vuitton Family house, then
GLÜME Harlow for Reserved magazine. Photography by Alexander Thompson. Cover.
  Glüme Harlow MUSICIAN I met Glüme Harlow at the Beverly Hills Hotel, by the pool, on the terrace. The old Hollywood ambiance suited the artist well, as if she were meant to be there. Lounging in a bikini, fur jacket, red lipstick and black heels, I’m greeted with a
Alexandre Mattiussi presented his first international post pandemic AMI show in Seoul's Gwanghwamun Square, linking the parallel worlds of Paris and Seoul. Casting included Hyun Ju Shin Tae Min, Sungjin, and Xumeen, utilizing a mix of models, nodels and fresh faces from Korea. The show differed from their Paris presentation
Return of the bumsters... paired with a razor sharp suiting! “This collection is about searching for humanity and human connection. The eye is a symbol of that humanity, a register of emotion, an expression of uniqueness. Our clothes are designed to empower. They are stripped back, dissected and focused on
Trudon recently held a cocktail to celebrate the latest addition to their Alabaster collection. The scent Vesta serves as a great continuation of the storied French heritage brand that has existed since 1643. The handmade alabaster vessel is a thoughtful detail of luxuriant artisan craftsmanship fit for the court of
I had the pleasure of mentoring nine students through their final collections at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta. Peter Jensen who is the Chair of Fashion at SCAD ask me if I would like to be a mentor on their Style Lab. There has been so many
For a brand birthed within the culture of digital art, technique, and style Maisie Wilen has already dove into the world of WEB3 though now the dialog is focused on the tactile reality of avatar life. Using CGI marking techniques, the clothing reflected a pre composed proposition to her extraordinary
Reserved friend Nats Getty presented his first runway show for Strike Oil which focused on unisex acidic rave details spanning from leopard print 2 pieces, Mountain Dew green piping on overlock bodices and a bountiful spray of bleach treated tie dyes. The latest addition to the wardrobe came with the
A minimalist expression as always appreciated as we continue to redefine and filter what it means to be sustainable. We are in a place that is no longer using sustainability as an expression of alternative lifestyles, instead we live As We Are Now AWAN the company found by Anette Miwa
From Yellowjackets to The Book of Boba Fett, Sophie Thatcher is an actress is bringing back a certain air of cool into the actor's game. Here we take a look at photographer Miriam Marlene's portrait of the story teller.
ANGELBERT METOYER GOLDEN HORNS The afro-futurist artist Angebert Metoyer on metaphysics, transcendental art and shedding one’s identity in search of the divine. The New Orleans-born multi-disciplinary artist Angelbert Metoyer is an image-maker at the cutting-edge of afro-futurism, whose mixed-media investigations into metaphysics deep dive into trans-cultural notions of ancestral memory
In Paris AT.KOLLEKTIVE presented their universe of design at the Palais de Tokyo, framing the efficacy of ECCO leather in it’s capacity to be interpreted by a selection including Isaac Reina, Kostas Murkudis, Bianca Saunders, Bernard Dubois, and Natacha Ramsay-Levi. The latter being the first offering from Ramsay-Levi since leaving
Less than an hour after it had begun the NYPD shut down the opening of The Patriot do to the crowd of 3,000 people waiting outside to get in and blocking the street. The floor to ceiling show featured a salon style installation of paintings, drawings and sculpture presenting works of
For SS23 A-COLD-WALL* presented their first collection in Paris focusing on the textural interplay between digital and hand built treatments which added to a robust display of various technical fabrication, bringing a human touch to the avant garde label. The shapes continue to be guarded with deconstructed seams which lend
MARIEVIC’s TOURISM presents many ways the work as can be seen in its essence playfully toying with the concept of tourism vs travel experience. The inherent aspect that we don't indulge in what is present, but rather what is planned. A heightened level of appreciation for juxtaposing different cultures and
For Spring/Summer 2023, Casablanca presented Futuro Optimisto, a collection that focused on Vaqueros, Phantastica, Nature + Architecture. Incorporating Oaxacan craftsmanship and conjuring romanticized rugged riding beauty explored the west coast lifestyle. Casablanca took a surrealistic take on the prairie chic embracing a psychedelic interpretation on the cowboy's attire. The extension
As the month of June rounds out another massively successful Pride celebration, luxury Cannabis boutique HerbNJoy hosted a conversation with Strike Oil Creative Director, artist, philanthropist, and activist Nats Getty in discussion with Reserved Magazine. The evening’s chat covered the rich local tradition of seaside skate and surf weed culture and how it informed various defining moments
To celebrate Juneteenth and the continuing mission to cultivate and elevate black owners and small businesses Square gathered a cooler than thou crowd to celebrate their new “The Future Needs Your Restaurant” campaign. The evening helped to launch the latest in the new Culinary Creators Project that focused on chefs
Hailee Steinfeld and Law Roach On a perfectly balmy night at Citizen News in Hollywood Herve Leger launched their collaboration with Law Roach delivering a “Legendary” collection that will have you singing “Law, Law, Law.” There was a perfect alchemy that came into play which bridged the traditions of the
It’s hard to pick out a favorite from the selection of the Korean based brand We11done. Mirrored Metallic Mania Matched with Matte flannels has come to excite to the point of alliteration. The contrasting textures do not come off abrasive or jarring but rather complementary. Sharp minimalist tailoring in oversized
The multidimensional creative Tasya Van Ree has long been a staple of Los Angeles' culture creating photographic works that have sparked the spirit of the classic dark Southern Cali Bohemianism as well as touching upon geometric inspirations. This in part has directed her work in more recent years as a
NYC based director Clarence Fuller's new film Signs of Love, will be appearing at the Brooklyn Film Festival on June 3rd and stars Dylan Penn, Zoë Bleu, and Hopper Jack Penn. The film takes place in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia, a tough neighborhood where cultures mix but the
For Nettie Wakefield, the illustrious illustrator tapped into the irregular muse to collaborate with POAN on a capsule collection that is sure to outfit you whether for dinner or dance. In the mind of a certain type of person the urban camo that comes with crumpled McDonalds bags on the
Designer Michael Schmidt digital cover for Reserved magazine by Alexander Thompson.
MICHAEL SCHMIDT ROCK AND ROLL DESIGNER   Los Angeles-based clothing and accessories designer Michael Schmidt’s work is legendary. Over the years, he's designed extraordinary and innovative custom pieces for music icons including Tina Turner, Cher, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Dolly Parton, Deborah Harry, Madonna, Grace Jones, and many more. He's
Gia Woods often mentions "The Room." It’s a sort of liminal term. It can literally denote a recording studio, or function as a synecdoche for the song-making process, or play the role of catchall for the wider music industry. At 25, Gia has experienced many of The Room’s permutations. The
Khadija Neumann is the statuesque leader and modernist auto-muse with her wide spreading projects running the gambit from entrepreneur, activist/ philanthropist and of course designer. The former runway model shows us how she still commands the lens in this shoot by Marc Baptiste for Reserved! Featuring iconic suiting as well
Sasha Spielberg has a theory that your seventh-grade self is the person who you will eventually turn into later in life. At that age, Spielberg has already made her debut on stage at her bat mitzvah, much to the surprise of her parents who, at the time, were unaware of
Helena Tejedor, Charaf Tajer, and Mica Argañaraz In the sparkling gleam of a post full moon evening the Sunset Tower Hotel played home to Parisian purveyors of psychedelic preppy chic, Casablanca Paris. Hosted by the brand’s founder Charaf Tajer, a rainbow of stylish characters converged for a night of drinks
Reserved: Nice to meet you in the [virtual] flesh after seeing you so much on the screen. How has your pandemic been? Peter: It feels like it has been forever. But yeah, hopefully it's coming to an end soon. We keep having these resurgences, so we'll see. Reserved: What are
Partners in life, painting, and parenthood, the Brooklyn-based artists Colleen Barry and Will St. John recently showed a selection of figurative paintings, in a joint exhibition hosted by their long-time friends, Adam Driver and Joanne Tucker. The show is titled, Ride the Tiger. "Art has become overburdened by the impulse
LA based Girlpool have released their latest single off their hotly anticipated Yves Rothman produced album Forgiveness. A strong departure from their previous minimalist take on indie rock the latest single for “Nothing Gives Me Pleasure” offers up a clear evolving vision from their paired back roots into the land
Mariina | Uptown Girl in a Downtown Whirled: a gentle stroll through the industrious streets of the Downtown's Art District yields a stylish adventure with Mariina and puppy muse Cooper, shot by Randall Slavin in some of our favorite Spring 2022 offerings styled by Reserved Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Jules Wood. Jacket
Reserved Magazine teamed up with Tepozán Tequila recently to take over the Chateau Marmont pool for a celebration of 2 of our cover stars Steve Hash and Marta Pozzan. Presenting works by Steve Hash that align with Frieze Art Fair, Felix Art Fair, and Spring Break Art Show, which Steve
It’s been nearly 3 years since encountering Arielle Pytka’s work of large scale paintings of alien terrain and the endless expanse of the world she created. Through evoking the thoughts of travel and explorations into new waters she conjured up a world that in the most daunting moments of the
You weren’t supposed to touch the art in general, right? But we need to touch more than ever, the digital VIP rooms could never fulfill the same experiences of going in deep to see the crowds, clothes, consumption, and indulgences of all the various galleries and institutions. Where was the
Valentine’s Day may be over but the “Love Ain’t Over” as downtown NY staple DJ Chloé Caillet drops her latest remix EP. Enlisting collaborators Gerd Janson, Carlita and No4mat, her latest offering continues to build upon her snappy perky beats and endlessly depth of synths made for tracks that perfectly
Sylvio Giardina Haute Couture Summer 2022. #1. Reserved magazine.
SYLVIO GIARDINA HAUTE COUTURE SUMMER 22 “Les enfants qui mentent n’iront pas au Paradis” Nicolas Rey A story that repeats itself, like a ribbon destined to wrap itself and then unfold again, each time welcoming different inspirations to narrate, through the clothes, the handcrafted and authentic fairy tale of Haute
Viktor&Rolf Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2022 - Image #26. Reserved magazine.
VIKTOR&ROLF HAUTE COUTURE SPRING-SUMMER 2022   With Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2022, Viktor&Rolf create spectacular beauty, utilizing their work to transform the notion of fear — which the present currently offers — into something positive. Fear can be overpowering. There are always reasons to be afraid and the present offers many.
WALTER VAN BEIRENDONCK AW 2022-23 OTHERWORLDLY   A SHOOTTHEARTIST PRODUCTION DIRECTED BY Bjorn Tagemose MUSIC Hantrax - Walter Waltz DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Bjorn Tagemose PRODUCER Katarina Vercammen POST PRODUCTION Erik Peiren High Flying Birds MODELS Tomorrow is another day Alexander Benedikt Laurens Senne MODELS REBEL MANAGEMENT Jesaja Lowie Maoro Senne
Musician Joy Downer photographed by Ben Cope for Reserved magazine. Cover 1.
JOY DOWNER MUSICIAN Joy Downer is a singer/songwriter whose music has been featured on various platforms: from network television ads to MTV’s ​Siesta Key highlighting her song “Weapons Down”, to the Netflix Original Series Spinning Out. Along with being a radiant musical talent, Joy is also an incredible mother to
Strike Oil by Nats Getty Reserved magazine.
STRIKE OIL NATS GETTY Nats Getty’s brand Strike Oil recently launched his collection of spray paint-inspired jewelry which is available exclusively at Maxfield for the 'Fine Jewelry' category, with the Semi Fine line available at To celebrate this momentous event he enlisted artist Jack Winthrop, Mendel, and Bourn Rich to showcase their
PANDEMIC FLOWERS ARTIST NEIL GRAYSON interview by Victoria N. Alexander Neil Grayson prepares his brushes by smashing the bristles straight into the wall then removing the damaged ones with duct tape. This ritual is to ensure the remaining bristles are strong enough to endure his unconventional brushwork. He prefers extra-long
Digital cover of Liily, photographed in New York City by Alexander Thompson for Reserved magazine.
THEY'RE CALLED, LIILY Photographed for Reserved magazine in New York City by Alexander Thompson. Interview by William R. Lankford. The definition of progressive in a nutshell is a happening. Or in the case of the Los Angeles-based band Liily, the happening. For members Charlie Anastasis (bass), Maxx Morando (drums), Sam
Ford model Alessiya Merzlova by photographer Greg Kadel for Reserved magazine.
BEAUTY UNDERWATER by GREG KADEL Hair: Dennis Lanni Makeup: Devra Kinery for MAC Models: Emily Grace at NEXT, Alessiya Merzlova at FORD, Bonnie P at The "In a way, this story is about being back in the womb. The blood and guts of life itself and the heartbeat of creation
DES ROCS A REAL GOOD PERSON IN A REAL BAD PLACE Interview by William R. Lankford Photography & menswear styling by Alexander Thompson A gigantic sound that's personal, unexpected, melodic, and range fully uninhibited. These are just a few adjectives that describe the New York native's sound that is Des
Emily McEnroe photographed for Reserved magazine by Alexander Thompson.
MODERNLY MCENROE EMILY MCENROE Interview by William R. Lankford Photography by Alexander Thompson It was Wednesday approaching the latter end of August that I was to meet with actor and voiceover actor, Emily McEnroe on the rooftop lounge of the Thompson Hotel in Hollywood, California. I arrived a couple of
Rorey photographed for Reserved magazine by Alexander Thompson.
ROREY! UNPREDICTABLE The most unpredictable thing about singer/songwriter Rorey, is that her musical range is the least predictable in every sense. The cadence for her recently debuted single “Predictable” is a gestural glimpse into the lyrically unsubtle vortex, exposing the unpredictability of a lover’s true position. Her internally self-expanded indecisions,
AN EVENING WITH... BLACK LIPS! Black Lips' most recent album, ironically titled, Sing In A World That's Falling Apart, was released January 24th, 2020. It was just a couple of months before the nationwide lockdown took place, and with the ensuing national uncertainties, was in and of itself an almost
ADAM GREEN MDVL: 1,000 YEARS OF DARK AGES Adam Green is an artistic polymath - a songwriter, filmmaker, visual artist, and poet. A co-founder of The Moldy Peaches and author of ten solo albums, his songs have been performed by artists as diverse as The Libertines, Carla Bruni, Kelly Willis,
Digital cover - actor Nico Hiraga for Reserved magazine.
NICO HIRAGA ACTOR/SKATEBOARDER Nico Hiraga is a 23-year-old actor and skateboarder from the West Coast, making waves not only in the acting world, but in skating as well. You may have seen him playing Seth in the 2021 film Moxiem, directed by the fabulous Amy Poehler. Or as Tanner in
  SYLVIO GIARDINA HAUTE COUTURE COLLECTION F/W 21-22 INVITATION TO TRAVEL I invite you to travel In that country that looks so much like you. The languid suns of its clouded skies Hold for my spirit the enchantment of your eyes when they shine dim. Down there everything is order
  IRIS VAN HERPEN 'EARTHRISE' AUTUMN WINTER 2021-2022 Iris van Herpen shows her latest collection ‘Earthrise’ during Paris Haute Couture Week on July, 5th 2021. With our planet positioned at the forefront of the global agenda more than ever before, ‘Earthrise’ explores the splendour of this blue body we call
BAD HUMOR BOBBY DEAN DEMPSEY From the star, writer, and director of award-winning Candy Apple and Deadman’s Barstool comes full steam ahead...Bad Humor! Bobby Dean Dempsey’s highly anticipated new web series skirts the edges of political correctness with irreverent and poignant social commentary for the humorist in need of a
BOARD LUCAS BRENNER Photographer Kolby Knight's men's skater editorial for Reserved magazine. Starring male model Lucas Brenner with DNA Model Management New York. With incredible styling by Sarah Benge. Beautiful men's grooming by Elizabeth Morache. Music by Andrew LaVogue.
PRICE JAMES YOU CANNOT KILL DAVID ARQUETTE Price James is a comedy director and scriptwriter based between Los Angeles and London. Commonly known for comedy, genre and creative concepts, his high-energy performances veer into fantasy and action movie satire. If Terry Gilliam and John Landis had a child, this is
THE TRIAL AGAINST OURSELVES BLAUE & POPPY On Christmas Eve, 2015, Julian Blaue, Edy Poppy and their baby boy are robbed by two impoverished, armed men in Rio de Janeiro. Blaue & Poppy’s first reaction is to report the two assaulters to the tourist police. They later regret it. This
TAYLOR JUSTINE Q&A Los Angeles-based beauty Taylor Justine photographed exclusively for Reserved magazine. Photographer Randall Slavin. Editor Jules Wood. Hair by Gui Schoedler for Exclusive Artists using ColorWow Haircare and ghd tools. Makeup by Jocelyn Johnson. Taylor Justine at Agency Industry LA. Interview by Bonnie Foster. Photographed at Reserved Ranch
INJA ZALTA ACTRESS & ENTREPRENEUR Inja Zalta is a Slovenian actress, known for No Escape (2020), Rustlands (2019) and Godhead: In a fiction, In a dream of passion (2021). Photographed exclusively for Reserved magazine by Sinisha Nisevic. Editor Jules Wood. Makeup and hair by Mynxii White. Interview by Bonnie Foster.
DREAMER KOLBY KNIGHT Photographer Kolby Knight's beauty editorial for Reserved magazine. With makeup by Kacie Corbelle, using Dior Makeup. Models featured are Ana Milojevic from Ford Models and Isabelle Durant Geneviève Maniscalco from One Management. Photographed at Parachute Studios in Boston.
CATHERINE FULMER FASHION DESIGNER Born and raised in Southern California, Catherine Fulmer’s sensual garments meld together her passionate love of rock’n’roll and classic feminine designs. Her clothing has been featured on a number of celebrity clients in high-profile publications such as WWD, Vanity Fair, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Times,
Ashley Benson photographed by Randall Slavin for Reserved magazine - Spread #3.
NO HELP FOR THAT ASHLEY BENSON American actress, model, writer, director and singer Ashley Benson photographed exclusively for Reserved magazine by Randall Slaving. With styling by our Editor-In-Chief Jules Wood, makeup by Shane Paish and hair by Kylee Heath. Male Models featured: Phillip Ponesky from LA Models and Devin Truss
Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood Autumn-Winter 2021-22 - Look #15. Reserved magazine.
MAYFAIR LADY AUTUMN - WINTER 21/22 “I could have spread my wings + done a thousand things, I’ve never done before. I’ll never know… my heart took flight. / I could have danced, danced, danced all night.” The songs of My Fair Lady R profoundly human + relevant to today. We gave
Vivienne Westwood Autumn-Winter 2021-22 - Cover #2. Reserved magazine.
VIVIENNE WESTWOOD AUTUMN - WINTER 21/22 This season, we started by looking at Daphnis and Chloe, 1743, a painting by French Rococo painter François Boucher, which is housed in the Wallace Collection, London. It became the main print for the season - with the sky and pastoral scenes reflected through the colors
DIRTY PINEAPPLE FALL/WINTER 2021 Individual proclivities in digital are a recurring theme at Dirty Pineapple. The team is no stranger to exposing the personal impact of modern digital behaviors. With Covid restrictions, online conversations have shifted to what's local, bringing attention to one's own back garden. From relationships to food
Libertine for Fall2021. Reserved magazine.
LIBERTINE FALL 2021 As the founding force behind Libertine, Johnson Hartig ups the ante in fashion by creatively immersing himself and those around him in a whimsical trip where old school classics meet new school know-how. Having first launched the label in 2001, today he continues upon his quest of
Willy Chavarria AW21 - look #16. Reserved magazine.
WILLY CHAVARRIA AUTUMN/WINTER 21 This is a story of elegance and endurance; the core elements of what WILLY CHAVARRIA designs. A call to simplicity. Clothing with a feeling of warmth and protection. The colors of New York are seen throughout the collection. Deep blacks, piercing blue reflections off glass skyscrapers,
Chocheng F21 - Opener. Reserved magazine.
CHOCHENG AUTUMN/WINTER 21 For his Fall/Winter 2021 collection, Designer Cho Cho Cheng transports us to the cheerful and inspirational tale of Mulan as choreographed in a 1980s Utopian style. A Peking Opera dripped in glamour and humor. A vibrant potpourri of fantasy, Disney and Fellini. Set in monochromatic and geometric
Spencer Draeger photographed for Reserved magazine by Alexander Thompson.
Dräger "THE VILLAIN YOU NEED" Dräger is the ethos of Spencer Draeger’s dystopian modern era. With his hand on the pulse of a generation saturated in anxiety and melancholia, part satirical, part sarcastic but overall playful—Spencer takes a light hand to the heavy themes of technology, love and society at
Private Policy FW21 - look #3. Reserved magazine.
PRIVATE POLICY FALL/WINTER 2021 Imagine the American Wild West in the 1800s: a grand landscape of mountains, ocean, desert, and valleys; ragged miners and cowboys; fortunes and opportunities from undiscovered gold that awaits throughout the land. However, not many may know the unique history in which hundreds of thousands of
AKNVAS FW21 - Opener. Reserved magazine.
AKNVAS FALL/WINTER 2021 The fall winter 2021 AKNVAS collection is created from a lens, which is looking at a world, in which we are all seeking comfort and safety. Creative Director Christian Juul Nielsen’s inspiration journey took him to revisit his roots while living in Paris and Copenhagen. The results
Ka Wa Key AW21 - opener. Reserved magazine.
  KA WA KEY AUTUMN/WINTER 2021 Through The Looking Glass, KA WA KEY AW 21 collection observes the duality of the imagination and reality inspired by larger than life characters and their dual personalities. Characters like Willy Wonka, Moira Rose, Peter Pan, Mad Hatter just a few to mention. Through
Timo Weiland menswear Fall/Winter 2021. Reserved magazine.
  TIMO WEILAND FALL /WINTER 2021 Polished leisure, the intention for the latest TW collection is timely in the uncertain era of WFH wardrobe and a return to the art of dressing for Zoom. Co-founded in 2010 by Timo Weiland, Alan Eckstein and Donna Kang, Timo Weiland is a New
Sylvio Giardina Spring/Summer 2021 Haute Couture look book.
  SYLVIO GIARDINA SPRING 2021 COUTURE The new collection, divided into 7 “chapters”, plays on the disruption and radical transformation of previously codified balances and proportions, aiming at enhancing the regenerative power of a skillful artistic and sartorial craftwork and, at the same, the value of longevity, distinctive trait of
  Glüme "GET LOW" Glüme shares her new single “Get Low”, the latest track from her debut album “The Internet”. "Get Low is about the high of falling for someone & how it effects your brain chemistry & nervous system. With autonomic dysfunction & a heart condition, it makes the
Terri Terri video still -
  TERRI TERRI "LOVERS IN NO TIME"   Terri Terri is the solo project of composer and multi-instrumentalist Mark Noseworthy. Noseworthy continues to write and produce his own music during his time off as a Magnetic Zero. ‘Lovers in No Time’ was written, recorded and performed alone in isolation with
Supermodel Natalia Vodianova backstage at Iris van Herpen S/S 2021 Haute Couture show.
  IRIS VAN HERPEN SPRING/SUMMER 2021 Iris van Herpen shows her latest collection ‘Roots of Rebirth’ during Paris Haute Couture Week on January 25th 2021. During such rarefied times, the designer explores a symbiosis of high technology and the artisanal craftsmanship of couture, through a collection that references the intricacy
Luis Wright for Reserved magazine.
  THE BOY WHO FELL TO EARTH LOUIS WRIGHT Louis Wright! Introducing a new face to the modeling world!! Louis is a 17-year-old who hails from the Los Angeles area. Photography & Film by Mynxii White. Stylist/Art Direction Jules Wood. Thank you to NO SUCH AGENCY.  
Allie Concannon photographed for Reserved magazine by Alexander Thompson.
  ALLIE CONCANNON AMERICAN BEAUTY Allie Concannon is one of those effortless looking girls. You know the type. The kind that gets photographed in a spectacular sequined gown, then casually tosses it off and throws on her boyfriend’s t-shirt and cutoffs, looking even more spectacular. When you ask Allie where
Musician John Roberts photographed by Alexander Thompson - Cover image. Reserved magazine.
JOHN ROBERTS FREAKS “I want to get hearts racing, energy flowing, and make people feel good!” says John Roberts, singer & songwriter, EMMY Award-nominated actor and comedian. His deep-rooted love for music can be traced back to his youth. At the onset of the 90's he fell in love with
DIRTY PINEAPPLE SPRING/SUMMER 2021 Hush Garden “Hush little baby, don’t say a word” The opening lyrics of this perennial lullaby might be the repeating loop you hear in your head while experiencing Dirty Pineapple’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection. Individual proclivities in digital are a recurring theme at Dirty Pineapple. With previous
MADISON PAPP “Madison Papp’s Recipe For Creating Alchemy In The Kitchen & In Life” As a chef, Madison Papp takes a distinct and progressive approach to food, flavor, and cooking using a balance of fantasy, elegance, and unbridled vibrance. Born and raised in New York City, she grew up among
threeASFOUR - S/S 2021 Vesica Piscis Directed by Jessica Mitrani and Alex Czetwertynski XR Virtual Production Content Alex Czetwertynski Director of Photography Charles Billot Choreography Jonah Bokaer Producer John Morgan Music Georgia Editing/VFX/Graphics Alex Czetwertynski First AC Bobby Davidson In Association with Worldstage Worldstage team Shelly Sabel - Creative
  COLLINI MILANO 1937 Spring/Summer 2021 NO ONE IS INNOCENT. No one is innocent. Our collective experience has revealed a common destiny, a shared responsibility, a connected humanity. With the awareness that the simple pleasures of life are the most precious. And a new priority: to add beauty and gratification
PRIVATE POLICY - S/S 2021 For Private Policy's upcoming collection, the designers chose to refocus our understanding of beauty. Embarking on a search for the modern day Aphrodite, the collection expands upon the belief that it is not a beauty pageant but a process of accepting ourselves and others, thriving
 Big Chief Dowee Robair Have you visited New Orleans and fallen in love with the city’s intoxicating mix of food, music and culture? The city is home to traditions—styles of art, cuisine, music and, yes, fashion—that cannot be found anywhere else. Nothing personifies this “only-in-NOLA” culture like the Mardi Gras
Carmine Rotondaro “Contamination For Glamour “ COLLINI’s Brand Legacy Of Heritage Couture & Resilience In The Age Of Covid-19 RESERVED MAGAZINE has a version sit-down with Carmine Rotondaro, COLLINI’s dynamic Creative director and CEO to discuss his vision behind their provocative new campaign. The juxtaposition of the model  engaged in
4254 Olympic Gold Medalists-turned-fashion designers, Élodie Ouédraogo and Olivia Borlée, speak to me over Zoom from their respective homes in Belgium. The interview was meant to be in person in Los Angeles, but like everyone, the girls have readjusted their plans for the worldwide COVID-19 lockdown. Among the many other fallouts of
ALABAMA BLONDE Alabama Blonde sits at her computer with a white background, keeping her surroundings mysterious. She’s relaxed in glasses and a black beret, and we begin by talking about her cactus garden. She’s afraid of heights, and the cactus barrier surrounding the edges of her balcony make her feel better
  JULIA CLANCEY Daria wearing Julia Clancey Pink Slinky head wrap, Earrings and Necklace PK Bijoux, Lion cuff Snake cuff Vintage cuff and ring by Hirst Collections, ring by Frangos, Bracelets @thehirstcollection by Kenneth Jay Lane, Satellite, Amishi, Askew London, Kenneth Jay Lane Madi wearing Dragonfly Tassel Turban by Julia
BLACK DAHLIA: Candy and the Science of Bliss Arriving fresh out of the candy lab, Taryn Garcia makes the life of a confectioner sound just as surreal as the childhood mind imagines; it’s the life of an artist, chef, and mad scientist, all rolled into one.   Head chef along with Greg
Known for its lavish celebrity disco parties in the late 1970s, Studio 54 became a symbol of the NYC elite, and many of the images—such as Bianca Jagger on the white horse— were as notorious as the club that inspired them. Behind the camera of many of the famed photographs
The moment Miljan walked into the Air France Lounge at New York’s JFK Airport he was immediately inspired by the architectural environment to create an installation/exhibition “Studio Visit”. As the first site-specific art installation of it’s kind the Air France lounge, his 35 large vibrant abstract works that were met
helena christen
‘In My Dream Last Night…’ is the armature behind an ongoing short film and sound concept by creative duo Stærk&Christensen, in collaboration with a number of artists from various fields who are a continuous source of inspiration to the duo. A collection of personal moments, thoughts and dreams are revealed
ART & THE DNA OF CREATIVITY NEIL GRAYSON by Anthony Haden-Guest There is an empty frame on a wall in Neil Grayson’s SoHo studio. It’s a handsome frame, hanging alongside his portrait of his father. What he was planning to put in it? “Nothing,” Grayson said. “That’s Salvador Dali’s last
It is a historic time in the history of the United States. More women than ever are running for president, educational opportunities are slowly advancing for women globally, and America has returned to having a female Speaker of the House. However, the fight for women’s rights and equality still rages
Movement — a physical manifestation of our endless imagination. It allows us to create, to connect, to observe, and most importantly to know ourselves. To move is to be free. In this series, Fagan captures the intimacy of spontaneous expression. The motions, inspired by ballet, are so beautifully thoughtless they
Between running her own radio station, modeling, and campaigning in the ongoing crusade for equal women’s rights, it’s a wonder that Theodora can even find time to squeeze in an interview. Growing up in a household with Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones, it’s fairly inevitable that a strong musical
The Claypool Lennon Delirium is one of those rare bands that make you smarter when you listen to their music...The mood hovers around the spectrum of psychedelic rock, with dizzying bass riffs and otherworldly electric guitar.
Coincidentally, just a couple weeks before showing ZAC ZAC at Coterie, Posen was asked by Google and their online program Made With Code, to create an LED dress. Made With Code’s website encourages girls to study science and technology. It tells the stories of various young ladies who have learned
Drawing across a surface is a mysterious adventure, full of complex possibility and poetry. While the works represented on these pages date from the 1970’s to the present and incorporate diverse processes and mediums, they all share my life’s preoccupation with the power of the drawn line.
My creative process is centered around the concept of evolution and the capacity to transform. I believe these concepts spring from a sense of optimism that we are not necessarily bound by our past, but by the boundless potential of the future. When a viewer engages with my work, I
Most recognized for performance as a non-traditional method of painting, Brown uses her body as a tool to create artifacts that are remnants of her process. Reminiscent of abstract expressionist studies, Brown produces aesthetically whimsical paintings with a deep underlining rawness of human emotion. Viewing the body as a vessel
‘Etiam capillus unus habet umbram suam’ - The smallest hair casts a shadow + Francis Bacon
The school sits square, brick, and bunker like, cupping a central yard, which I do remember as the exact spot Artie Cano knocked the wind out of me with one punch to the stomach after I said something he didn’t like. This, right in front of the willowy Michelle Jones,
Feminist has become a dirty word. So often people feel uncomfortable openly identifying as a feminist because of the misguided notion that the term means that women should have power over men or that it is a euphemism for “man-hater.” Feminism is the belief that men and women should have
I don’t have an ideal type of man. I guess the ideal man is the one who identifies with these clothes and who feels better in them. My clothes don’t scream but they do tell a story. You have to have the patience to understand this story to really appreciate
1. At what point in your life did you first identify as a feminist and when did you become aware that a culture existed that devalued and debased women? I didn’t really learn about feminism until I went to college. My mother was always a feminist but I don’t remember
Last spring we were invited to the home of producer, musician and guitarist, Nile Rodgers in Westport, CT for an interview and photo shoot of epic proportions. Along with us was Liz Derringer, renowned music journalist, who cut her teeth at Warhol’s Interview Magazine and former wife of music legend
Jen's ability to deliver cherubic, velvety vocals that effortlessly transition into the radical rumble of a runaway 18 wheeler doing 90 mph on an open highway is a feat in itself to witness live.