Issue #6


We made it. Reserved Magazine Issue 6 is here! We call this issue “2020 Vision” in honor of a crazy year of growth, surprise, hardship, and renewal.

Just as the year 2020 was one for the books, Reserved has undertaken a special Quarantine Challenge: for Issue #6 we created 22 distinct cover options to choose from, featuring artists, activists, and role models who have fearlessly stood up for justice and equality.

We are excited to launch Issue #6 as a Hardcover Collectors’ Edition, because 2020 marks a solid dot on the historical timeline. We are all now survivors of a pandemic. We have all witnessed the passion of the Black Lives Matter Movement, whether from the sidelines or in the streets. We all wonder what the future looks like.


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Now, 2020 is not just a year out of a science fiction story. It was unbelievable real life.

Our team worked hard through the pandemic to bring you an issue that will educate, inspire, and ignite your visual senses. Each of our covers features unique, personal stories of raw insight and inspiration during evolutionary times of pandemic, racial turmoil, and change. While each story is unique, we all share in the human experience.

As we continue to navigate our way through the global pandemic and educate ourselves on the events of the past year—which, as you all know, have cast a harsh light on the systemic racism that has long infiltrated our society and infected creative industries at their core—we wanted to let you all know that Issue #6 focuses on the global pandemic, but also brings to the forefront of diversity and inclusion, and how we each must do our part to fight prejudice and discrimination.

Amidst all of the uncertainty, 2020 has presented an opportunity to pause, re-think and re-evaluate our society. We can build the world that we want. We are in this together.

As part of our core mission, Reserved Magazine maintains a commitment to bolstering women’s rights and safety. For Issue #6, Reserved pledges 10% of all proceeds from the Hardcover Collectors’ Edition sales to the East LA Women’s Center in support of their vital services. The East LA Women’s Center is the only long-term post-rape, human trafficking, and domestic violence help center in the United States, and has offered a safe space for women fleeing domestic abuse during the COVID-19 lockdown.

If we all band together and support what we believe in, we can create the world we want.

It has been a groundbreaking year, and we are proud to break new ground with Issue #6 of Reserved Magazine. We hope you love it as much as we do.